Mar 16, 2022
Tony Cerato
Peace Fellowship and Peace centers

Rotary District 5495 Peace Fellowship Chair Tony Cerato told us about the Rotary Peace Centers. A longtime Rotarian in California, Wisconsin and Colorado, he was named Rotarian of the Year in District 5470 in Colorado in 2013- 14 and the D5495 Champion for Peace in 2020-21. Tony currently is a member of the Phoenix 100 Rotary Club. The program was arranged by PP Marty Herder. Tony said Chandler Horizon Rotarians are “Peace Builders,” citing our installation of a Peace Pole at Basha High School, plus our many donations to The Rotary Foundation both as a club and as individual members. He called out Jim and Mary Kay Patmos for their many efforts toward world peace. He told us about the Peace Centers located at eight universities and fully funded by The Rotary Foundatio¡n. Two separate programs are offered: a Master’s program accepts 50 fellows per year for a 15-24 month course; and a Certificate program accepts 80 fellows for a one-year study. The Certificate program at Makerere University in Uganda is in its first year, the first center on the continent of Africa. Candidates for that university must have a connection of some sort with that continent. Other than that, a candidate may not attend a university in their home country. Another center is planned, probably in the Middle East. There are qualifications for each of the programs. Some of those include: be proficient in English; have a strong and proven commitment to cross-cultural understanding and peace; demonstrate leadership skills; and have at least five years of full-time experience in peace or development work. There are other qualifications specific to each program. Tony’s Power Point presentation included a profile of candidates and a graph showing where the 1,500 Peace Center alumni are working. If you know someone who might be interested and qualifies, contact Tony at or 719-351-6616. Deadline for applications for the 2023-24 school year is May 15. Tony also is seeking support for a Peace Fellow who basically is stranded in Pakistan. Mustafa Rezaie is a native of Afghanistan who was selected to attend the Peace Center at Duke University. Due to upheaval in Afghanistan, Tony had trouble leaving that country. Tony, his wife and their daughters finally were able to get into Pakistan but are stranded there until they can get visas to travel to the United States. D5495 is seeking funds to help Tony and his family get into the U.S. The Chandler Horizon Foundation board has approved a $500 donation to this cause and help another peace ambassador achieve his goal.